In organising the 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting we have been concerned at every stage with the gender balance of the meeting and gender issues.  What have we achieved?

  • LOC membership – F/M = 42% / 58%
  • SOC membership – F/O/M = 47% / 6% / 47%
  • Invited speakers – F/M = 43% / 57%
  • Session Chairs – F/M = 52% / 48%
  • Awarded talks – F/O/M = 33% / 1% / 66%
  • Talk applicants – F/O/M = 27% / 1% / 72%

The ASA’s Code of Conduct is not only reproduced on the meeting web pages but we all have been working to ensure that everyone is treated respectfully and fair, and that the 2016 ASA’s Meeting is free of harassment. However, if you are aware of any instances of harassment or inappropriate behaviour please let us know via the Feedback Form or by contacting directly the President of the ASA Virginia Kilborn.

To assist participants attending the conference with their children we provide a professional child care specialist for infants and pre-schoolers (0-5 years) in a mini-crèche with an experience childcare worker.

Probably the most innovative aspect of the program has been the first Rainbow Astronomy Dinner for those who identify as LGBTI+, allies, and anyone who would like to attend.  This was a social event at a local restaurant rather than a formal discussion session.