1. Dr Andrew Prentice
    New Horizons and the binary fission model for the formation of the Pluto system
  2. Mr Anthony Doucouliagos
    SPT-SZ Galaxy Cluster Scaling Relations
  3. Dr Artem Tuntsov
    How diverse are Galactic plasma lenses?
  4. Mr Bradley Meyers
    Chasing Crab Giant Pulses from GHz to MHz frequencies
  5. A/Prof Chris Power
    The WAVES Simulation Suite
  6. Prof Chris Tinney
    Funnel Web:The HD Catalogue for the 21st Century is Coming!
  7. Prof Chris Tinney
    Veloce: A Precision Doppler Spectrograph for the AAT
  8. Prof Chris Tinney
    The Binary Orbit of Luhman 16AB – Direct Mass Measurement for a Pair of Brown Dwarfs
  9. Mr Craig Anderson
    The magnetoionic structure of spatially unresolved AGN revealed through broadband polarimetry
  10. Mr Damien Przybylski
    Simulations of wave heating in the partially ionised chromosphere
  11. Mr David Liptai
    Does the PDF lead to the IMF?
  12. Mr Domenico Romano
    The G332 Molecular Ring Cloud
  13. Mr Douglas Compton
    Solving the bloody F-star problem in asteroseismology
  14. Mr Dylan Sutton
    Forecasting for Future CMB Searches for Primordial Magnetic Fields
  15. Dr Elaina Hyde
    The AAO’s International Telescopes Support Office
  16. Ms Elodie Thilliez
    Tracing the presence of hidden planets inside debris discs
  17. A/Prof Franklin Mills
    Simulations of time-of-day variability of SO and SO$_2$ on Venus
  18. A/Prof Gavin Rowell
    Gamma-rays and Gas: What’s the Connection?
  19. A/Prof Gavin Rowell
    PeV Cosmic-Rays from the Milky Way’s Centre
  20. Dr Gayandhi De Silva
    Extended tidal debris around NGC 3201
  21. Mr Graeme Wong
    Dense Cores within Chamaeleon II region
  22. Ms Hai-Hua Qiao
    Accurate OH maser positions from the SPLASH pilot region
  23. Dr Hansik Kim
    The spatial distribution of neutral hydrogen as traced by low HI mass galaxies
  24. Prof Jeremy Bailey
    Polarized Light from Exoplanets
  25. Dr Jimi Green
    The Parkes Radio Telescope: The Dish in the pre-SKA era
  26. Mr John Sarkissian
    Monitoring Pulsars with a Phased Array Feed Receiver
  27. Ms Leah Kalimeris
    Extended Ultraviolet Disks in HI Selected Galaxies
  28. Prof Mark Wardle
    Tidal stability of clouds at the Galactic Centre
  29. Mr Matthew Agnew
    Identifying the stable habitable zones of Jovian-hosting  single planet systems
  30. Mr Matthew Freeman
    Measuring the K-band infrared sky background from the high Antarctic plateau
  31. Dr Matthew Whiting
    Early Science Pipelines for ASKAP
  32. Ms Mengyao XUE
    A Low Frequency Census of Southern Pulsars
  33. Dr Michael Fitzgerald
    IAU astroEDU: an open-access platform for peer-reviewed astronomy education activities
  34. Dr Michael Pracy
    The radio luminosity function and redshift evolution of radio-mode and quasar-mode AGN
  35. Ms Miranda Yew
    A Multi-Frequency Study of NGC 6744
  36. Dr Nigel Maxted
    Gas Towards Gamma-Ray-Emitting Supernova Remnants
  37. Dr Paul Geil
    Constraining cosmic reionisation with the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope
  38. Dr Quentin Roper
    SNR 0509-67.5: Xtreme X-ray Xpansion
  39. Dr Rajan Chhetri
    The radio-infrared catalogue of compact AGNs using the AT20G and WISE catalogues
  40. Mr Sanjaykumar Patil
    Galaxy clustering analysis
  41. Dr Sarah Martell
    Identification of quasars serendipitously observed in the AEGIS (AAOmega Evolution of Galactic Structure) survey
  42. Mr Shane Hengst
    Getting to the Crux of the matter: modeling of Eta Crucis’ circumstellar disc
  43. Prof Simon Driver
    The extragalactic background light
  44. Dr Simon Murphy
    A stellar and disc census of 32 Orionis  a 20 Myr-old moving group only 90 pc from the Sun
  45. Ms Soniya Sharma
    High resolution source reconstruction using gravitationally lensed images of galaxies – Towards understanding evolution of star formation and metallicity with redshift
  46. Ms Stephanie Pointon
    Detection of the O VI doublet in the CGM surrounding small galaxy groups
  47. Mr Van Hiep Nguyen
    Shining Light on the Dark Milky Way: Probing our Galaxy’s Hidden Gas
  48. Dr Wasim Raja
    Wide Field Imaging with ASKAPsoft
  49. Dr Weiguang Cui
    Bridging theory with observations: a view from the simulated galaxy clusters samples
  50. Mr Zac Johnston
    Simulations of X-ray bursts on accreting neutron stars