Session Chair Instructions:

  • Please review the Program and note the following:
    • day and time of the session you are chairing
    • the names of the speakers in your session
    • the length of each talk in your session as they will vary
  • Please arrive at the workshop room at least 5 minutes prior to the commencement of your session
  • There will be a Session Chair seat at the front of the room in clear site of the speaker. The following will be at that place:
    • Time remaining cards: 5,2 and 0 minutes
    • A handheld microphone
    • A bell/iPad/clock for timing
  • Please introduce yourself to the speakers in your session and inform them:
    • that you are there to assist them and keep them on time
    • that you will hold up a warning card at 5, and 2 minutes and a finish card/bell at the end of their allocated time
    • that time allocations will be strictly enforced by session chairs
  • Introduce the speaker at the beginning of their talk by their name only
  • During Q&A at the end of the session please ensure:
    • That the Q&A also adheres to the time given, again this will vary so please review the program
    • Have a question ready if no one looks like asking a question and try to phrase it so it prompts other questions
    • Please ask the younger/students/ECR members of the audience questions first
    • If a question is too long or difficult or there are too many questions please remind the audience that specific issues can be discussed in the breaks
  • Please close the session by thanking all the speakers, announce the break and remind people when the next session starts and any other messages that I may have given you.
  • Please ensure that your session runs to time.


Additional Information

If you require additional information, please contact the LOC at or by phone on 0405-465-990.