Speaker Instructions

  • Please review the Program and note the following:
    • day and time your talk
    • the name of your Session Chair
    • the length of your talk
    • the title of your talk and please notify LOC if this has changed.
  • The following equipment will be available in the conference room:
    • a screen
    • a central computer (Mac OS X / Windows)
    • a lectern and lapel microphone
    • hand held microphones for Q&A
  • Please arrive at the conference room at least 10 minutes prior to the commencement of your session to ensure that the equipment and talk are working.
  • Please ensure you have uploaded your talk to central computer before 30th of June. Please upload your talk using the following Dropbox folder:


Please name your file as follows: LastName_SessionNumber.xxx

We will test the slides before the conference starts. If you upload the talk after the deadline we may not be able to test it before your session.

  • If you wish to upload a new version of your talk, please add “_verN” to the name of your file, where “N” is the number of the version; for example the third version should be named as: LastName_SessionNumber_ver3.xxx

If you upload a new version, please make sure that your talk is uploaded at least 1 hour before the session. If it is not on the central computer by then we may not be able to load it on time.

  • There will be a Session Chair for each session. Their primary responsibility is to keep your talk to time. They will do this by indicating at to you by way of card when you have 5 and 2 minutes remaining. They will hold up a finish card or ring a bell when it is time for your talk to finish. If necessary they will interrupt you and lead the audience to Q&A if you go over time.
  • A Q&A session will follow your talk. A microphone will be given to people asking questions – however if the question was inaudible to the majority of the audience please repeat the question prior to answering.
  • Please ensure that your talk runs to time!
  • The talks will be live streamed to the breakout area located on the 5th floor in the SNH building.
  • All talks will be loaded to our website at the conclusion of the conference. If you do not wish to have your talk loaded to our website please let the LOC know.


Additional Information

If you require additional information, please contact the LOC at info@asa2016.org or by phone on 0405-465-990.